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    Updated on May 27, 2019. Posted on May 24, 2019

    Netflix's "The Society" Blessed Us With Grizz And Now Fans Want To Protect Him At All Costs

    "Grizz deserves the world!"

    I've never believed in love at first sight, until I saw Gareth "Grizz" Visser on Netflix's The Society. From the first moment I was introduced to that high ponytail, I was hooked.

    And then when he spoke...I MELTED! His first line was a compliment, for crying out loud.


    As I was falling in love with Grizz, he was falling in love with Sam...which was perfectly fine with me. Seeing them together made me want to protect the purity of those characters at all costs.

    By the end of the series, I realized Grizz was the smart, witty, sensitive, book-loving jock I never knew I needed. And I wasn't the only one feeling this way – here's what other Team Grizz members have to say:



    #thesociety Grizz deserves the world ... Grizz tried to learn sign language to be able to talk with Sam even tho Sam can read lips but he wanted to know how to communicate with him im


    I can’t believe I would die for a character named Grizz, but here we are 🥰 #TheSociety



    I have an unhealthy crush on grizz from #TheSociety. Someone please tell Jack mulhern to get social media so I can look at his face


    grizz is the best character on the society i don’t make the rules


    everyone deciding from episode one we must collectively protect Grizz #TheSociety


    The Society // Grizz: I have handcuffs Everyone in the room:


    Never did I think a jock character called grizz could be an adorable, considerate, smart, book-loving, veg-growing, tap-dancing icon #TheSociety


    Me everytime Grizz has screentime #TheSociety


    me ready to fight for grizz and sam


    *grizz from the society show up on screen* me:



    everyone when we first saw grizz #thesociety



    GARETH "GRIZZ" VISSER - breaks stereotypes abt jocks - only one in the guard with a brain cell - love the effort he puts in to make the society a better place - one of my favs


    Grizz is the type of boy you dream about and then get mad as hell when you wake up. #TheSociety


    grizz's hands holding sam's waist, sam gently caressing grizz's neck, their foreheads touching one another, sam having to stand on his tiptoes as they both melt into the warm kiss someone pls call a medic i'm going to combust


    grizz + the lil nose scrunch. i’m in love #thesociety

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