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    "Midnight Mass" Features One Of The Best TV Episodes Of The Year, And Here's Why Everyone Is Obsessed

    Midnight Mass Episode 5 joins "The Bent-Neck Lady" as one of the most haunting TV episodes.

    Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Midnight Mass. So, if you haven't watched Episode 5 yet, just save this for later.

    Well, spooky season can officially begin, because Mike Flanagan just dropped his latest TV series, Midnight Mass, on Netflix.

    Two people walking down a dirt road through town

    Following The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, Mike's third Netflix series takes us out of the Haunting universe and follows the small town of Crockett Island.

    Father Paul at the head of the church with his arms stretched out

    Midnight Mass has so many incredible moments — I could give a TED Talk about how beautiful and haunting Erin's final monologue is — but I can't stop thinking about the chaos and tragedy that is Episode 5.

    Up until Episode 5, we're slowly piecing together Father Paul's intentions and why he's come to Crockett Island, when Riley is suddenly dragged into it all after seeing "the angel."

    Father Paul on his knees in a room

    So, when "Book V: Gospels" starts, Riley rows Erin into the middle of the water and explains that Father Paul is actually Monsignor Pruitt and how he thinks the angel's blood is meant to heal everyone.

    Then, Riley heartbreakingly tells Erin he loves her and lets the sun kill him since he was bitten by the angel and turned into a vampire. I am literally weeping as I type this.

    Not only is Episode 5 structured and directed perfectly, but Zach Gilford, Kate Siegel, Hamish Linklater, and Samantha Sloyan bring their A-game in an hour that truly changes the entire series.

    Also, just the absolutely brilliant decision to continue Erin's scream through the credits still gives me chills.

    Speaking about "Book V: Gospels," Mike Flanagan said that Riley's early death was a "very late revelation." He explained, "I thought this was a show about Riley vs. Father Paul. And then, ultimately, it’s a show about Erin vs. Bev."

    Like me, the rest of the internet is pointing out how incredible Midnight Mass Episode 5 is. So, here are some of the best tweets about it:

    Episode 5 of every single Mike Flanagan show is a masterpiece, blows my mind, and makes me cry 100% of the time #MidnightMass

    @noradominick / Via Netflix / Via Twitter: @noradominick

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    Twitter: @claussvinardell / Via Netflix


    Twitter: @98sarahm

    Did I just binge watch all of #MidnightMass just to get sucker punched in the feels on episode 5? (Just like every other Mike Flanagan show)

    Twitter: @CuylerisGreen

    me when Riley and Erin are on the rowboat #MidnightMass

    Twitter: @teamxgina

    The last Riley episode had me crying all afternoon. #MidnightMass 😭

    Twitter: @OJITOSVERDZ

    The scene with erin and riley on the boat when the sun came up is so creepy to me it gave me chills!! #MidnightMass

    Twitter: @thebentnecklady

    "I love you Erin Greene. I loved you my whole life. One way or another." "I love you too." MY BABIES. NOT LIKE THIS. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #MidnightMass #1X05

    Twitter: @Supyro

    This man has been acting his ass off since 2006 #MidnightMass

    Twitter: @Nic_rin_

    Mike flanagan needs to be pay for my therapy after the ending of ep5 #MidnightMass

    Twitter: @bettina_kk
    Twitter: @RahulKohli13 / Via Netflix

    We love a cast that supports each other.

    Midnight Mass is streaming on Netflix now.