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27 Jokes About Disney Channel That'll Make You Say, “I Really Love The Internet”

Stress level: Troy Bolton choosing between singing and basketball.

1. When The Proud Family actually predicted the freakin' future: / Via

2. When this person saw an opportunity on Tinder and really took it:

3. Our parents will never understand the grip the Jonas Brothers still have on us: / Via

4. When even Cole and Dylan couldn't tell Zack and Cody apart:

5. How a majority of us spent our early '00s years, and we can't even deny it:

Joe Jonas / Via

6. We always knew Lizzie McGuire was ahead of her time:

7. "Attention, parents. Shut your pie holes." / Via

8. Forever getting emotional over this song: / Via

9. *breaks out the matching track suits* / Via

10. Now this is a Coachella line-up we'd spend money on: / Via

11. The impossibility of singing an iconic duet by yourself:

me trying to sing both troy and gabriella's parts in gotta go my own way

Twitter: @sofiakubinski / Via Twitter: @sofiakubinski

12. If only we knew this is what every day of adulthood would feel like:

13. When you realize the Riverdale creators are secretly massive Suite Life of Zack and Cody fans: / Via

14. Troy Bolton and Archie Andrews, the friendship we never knew we needed: / Via

15. When you're on your hundreth rewatch of High School Musical:

troy : we're soaring me : FLYINNGGGGGG

Twitter: @qielaILY / Via Twitter: @qielaILY

16. When you finally realize why you're terminally single:

Me: Why am I single? I’m frickin’ great! Me in the laundry room: *sings High School Musical as loud as I can* Me: Oh yeah, that’s why...

Twitter: @jkingma2 / Via Twitter: @jkingma2

17. 🎵 Everybody's always talking at me / Everybody's trying to get in my head / I want to listen to my own heart talking... 🎵 / Via

18. This explains why we had trouble passing history class:

19. When it's 70 degrees on Halloween and you just want to be ~fabulous~:

when fabulous from high school musical 2 comes on but you feelin spooky

spooky issa / Via Twitter: @issa

20. Can this be the next Disney Channel crossover event? / Via

21. We just want recognition for the greatest cinematic achievement of our time: / Via

22. Our favorite characters have been following us after all:

23. Cole Sprouse, forever destined to repeat high school:

Cole Sprouse / Via

24. *aggressively head bangs to Camp Rock daily* / Via

25. Some kids snuck out when they were teenagers — we just voted for Miley without parents' permission: / Via

26. When you realize you now have ~the best of both worlds~:

its weird being in college and coming home to visit because it's like i'm living a double life like hannah montana and miley stewart

Twitter: @emilylippmann_ / Via Twitter: @emilylippmann_

27. And finally, look what you made Lizzie do:

I'm sorry, the old Lizzie can't come to the phone right now... Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead!

Twitter: @ImLizzieM / Via Twitter: @ImLizzieM