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Everyone Is Calling Kristoff The Best Disney Prince After "Frozen 2" And Here's Why

"Kristoff never 'saved' Anna, he helped her...the only prince ever."

🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

Frozen 2 has officially hit theaters and TBH, I loved every second of it.

But, one of the things I can't stop thinking about is Kristoff's entire character arc.

In Frozen 2, Kristoff deals with his feelings for Anna by singing "Lost in the Woods," and he stands beside Anna during battle, instead of trying to protect her.

It's incredibly rare for a male character to have this kind of storyline and I loved every second of it.

Okay, but can we talk about how Kristoff sang a power ballad about his feelings, told Anna that his love isn’t fragile, AND asked Anna what she needed during battle and didn’t tell her to step aside so he could protect her. I love it all so much❤️🥺 #Frozen2

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Heck, Kristen Bell even told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that Kristoff's arc is the thing she's most proud of from Frozen 2.

And the rest of the internet feels the same way. Here are some of the best reactions to Kristoff:


can we appreciate how frozen ii said "toxic masculinity?? screw that." and gave kristoff a power ballad about his feelings? IMAGINE ALL THE LITTLE BOYS WATCHING THIS. IMAGINE THIS BEING NORMAL TO THEM.

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Cultural impact : █    █  █  █  _ Kristoff saying Anything else “I’m here, what do you need?”

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Kristoff is SINGLE HANDEDLY giving young boys a ROLE MODEL who teaches them it’s ok to FEEL AND EXPRESS EMOTIONS and also LOOK GOOD IN LEATHER.

Twitter: @BrodyRyan / Via Twitter: @BrodyRyan



honestly i think kristoff saying fuck toxic masculinity and singing his heart out in a power ballad to a completely empty forest & sven cured my depression

Twitter: @disneybrini / Via Twitter: @disneybrini


kristoff telling anna that his love for isn’t fragile #frozen2


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So Frozen II’s best song is “Lost in the Woods” and I’ll fight you if you say otherwise. It’s an 80’s power-ballad for the ages.

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if your theatre didn’t clap after kristoff sang lost in the woods idk what y’all were doing

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Imagine not stanning Kristoff after he said “I’m here, what do you need” and “my love is not fragile” 🥺

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@fortherecrd They also made Kristoff’s entire storyline about love, something that usually only happens to the female protagonists

Twitter: @averagebwaystan / Via Twitter: @averagebwaystan


Who decided that for #Frozen2 Kristoff should sing a ‘90s boy band power ballad because that person should be our next president

Twitter: @rachmeetsworld / Via Twitter: @rachmeetsworld




@fortherecrd And i also loved that he never "saved" anna, he helped her... that scene where he said "I'm here what do you need?"... the only prince ever 🤧❤

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“NoT aLl MeN!!1!!” You’re right! Kristoff Bjorgman of Arendell, gold standard of men, would NEVER

Twitter: @mostlychels / Via Twitter: @mostlychels



kristoff is one of the best disney characters. his best friend is his reindeer, he loves his fiancé in the most honest way, he’s great friends w her sister, he’s never mean, he’s the only guy but he never tries to lead/overshadow elsa or anna and he randomly sings love songs

Twitter: @dicksgraysn / Via Twitter: @dicksgraysn