Everyone Can't Stop Talking About D'Arcy Carden In "A League Of Their Own," And Here's Why

    From the second D'Arcy Carden walks on screen in A League of Their Own, you just know she's going to steal the show. Add in amazing chemistry with Abbi Jacobson, and you've got a must-see performance.

    🚨 There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for A League of Their Own Season 1! 🚨

    A League of Their Own, the new TV series inspired by the beloved 1992 film, started streaming on Prime Video this week, and when I say, "I'm deeply obsessed," I mean it.

    Screen shot from "A League of Their Own"

    Created by Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham, the series follows the formation of the Rockford Peaches, a women's baseball team in the 1940s. While some might be quick to classify A League of Their Own as a "reboot," it's so much more than that. The show beautifully expands the world while centering on LGBTQ+ and BIPOC stories that were often overlooked at the time.

    Screen shots from "A League of Their Own" featuring players in a huddle in the first photo and two people sitting on a bench at night in the other photo

    The cast for A League of Their Own is filled to the brim with extraordinary talent. Led by creator (and Broad City alum) Abbi Jacobson, it's hard not to fall in love with every single character on this show. Like, seriously, I love them all so much.

    Screen shots of the players gathered and singing Batter Up from "A League of Their Own"

    And while the whole cast knocks it out of the park (sorry, I had to do it), D'Arcy Carden is finally getting her time to shine and is absolutely brilliant. From the moment she walks on screen, you can tell how much she loves playing Greta Gill.

    Screen shots from "A League of Their Own"

    D'Arcy, who is no stranger to scene-stealing performances, embodies the confidence and comedic timing of Greta so wonderfully that it's hard not to fall head-over-heels in love with D'Arcy's performance in A League of Their Own.

    listen, d'arcy carden was phenomenal on the good place — the janet(s) episode should've got her an emmy — but there's something so amazing about watching her turn into a star with a league of their own. like put her in everything, she can do it all

    @noradominick / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @noradominick

    Her moments in A League of Their Own prove that D'Arcy has long deserved to lead a series, and as Greta, she helps lead this amazing ensemble cast in the best way possible.

    Greta rallying the team in the locker room in a scene from "A League of Their Own"

    On top of D'Arcy's perfect work as Greta, she also has unbelievable chemistry with Abbi Jacobson. In the series, Greta and Carson (Jacobson) begin a relationship, and when I tell you I fell to the floor the moment their friendship officially turned romantic in Episode 1, I'm not joking.

    Geta and Carson kissing

    Like, this kind of chemistry is something TV shows DREAM of having, and it's all thanks to the longtime friendship of D'Arcy and Abbi, who brought all of their offscreen chemistry to the screen.

    Greta and Carson holding hands

    Speaking about how their 15-year friendship brought them to starring in A League of Their Own together, Abbi said after she and Will Graham pitched the show and she signed on to star as Carson, the first person they cast was D'Arcy.

    Abbi Jacobson and D'Arcy Carden pose on the red carpet

    "I read [the script] that night, I read it, like, in one breath, and it was just so good. I loved Greta. I loved Carson. I loved Max [Chanté Adams]," D'Arcy recalled to Glamour. "It was such a no-brainer. And it made my life easier because then I didn’t have to be stressed out about what was next. It was like, oh, this fits. This fits like a glove. Like a baseball glove that fits you really well."

    Greta telling Carson that she'd like to watch her walk inside

    Basically, while binge-watching A League of Their Own, fans — like myself — quickly shared their love for D'Arcy Carden's performance and everyone's newfound love for the actor:

    d'arcy carden did not have to go that hard in #aleagueoftheirown, but i'm very glad she did

    @noradominick / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @noradominick

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    it wasn’t until about...... 5min into episode 1 of a league of their own that understood why my entire tl had it bad for d’arcy carden all of a sudden. greta gill my beloved

    @marguliesjules / Via Twitter: @marguliesjules

    d’arcy carden as greta gill. that’s it that’s the tweet. #LeagueOfTheirOwn

    @haleyobsession / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @haleyobsession

    D'Arcy Carden sent me into cardiac arrest with this line read #ALeagueOfTheirOwn

    @KatieMinard / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @KatieMinard
    @caligulainn / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @caligulainn

    d’arcy carden is insane for this

    @jodiesnelle / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @jodiesnelle

    D’Arcy Carden happens to be 42 and here she is playing Greta Gill, who’s funny and sexy and desirable and flawed and a talented professional athlete, none of which are things 42-year-old women are often allowed to be, and i just think that’s neat #ALeagueOfTheirOwn

    @bluejayboiokay / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @bluejayboiokay

    d’arcy carden opening her social media after a league of their own premiered and seeing she is now the leader of the lesbians

    @pikemargulies / Via Twitter: @pikemargulies

    this was really just d’arcy finding abbi adorable oh god i feel faint

    @lionesspike / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @lionesspike

    i can't believe greta kissed carson, basically sending her into an existential crisis and gay panic, let carson go for a second kiss and then suddenly stopped her and just went 'i thought so' and left..... carson is so strong, i would have imploded right there

    @liIacfilms / Via Twitter: @liIacfilms

    d’arcy and abbi’s romantic chemistry is unreal like

    @haenelswift / Bravo / Via Twitter: @haenelswift

    I knew Carson and Greta were gonna drive me insane but, GOOD GOD; the back & forth, the pining, the CHEMISTRY #ALeagueOfTheirOwn

    @terrible_thanks / NBC / Via Twitter: @terrible_thanks

    oh to attend the abbi jacobson and d'arcy carden school of kissing #aleagueoftheirown

    @itscrofano / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @itscrofano

    the way greta grabbed carson’s necklace i’m about to faint

    @anditwasdivine / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @anditwasdivine

    "Abbi and D'Arcy are rooting for Greta and Carson"😊😊 So are we!!! #ALeagueOfTheirOwn

    @Jamie_HJ_ / Entertainment Weekly / Via Twitter: @Jamie_HJ_

    In conclusion:

    I guess I’m in love with D’Arcy Carden now?

    @nlpaulhus / Via Twitter: @nlpaulhus

    A League of Their Own Season 1 is streaming now on Prime Video.