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27 Reasons China Is The Best Place For Your Next Epic Adventure

New Year's resolution: book ticket ASAP.

Terrifying P.O.V. Footage Of The World's Most Dangerous Hike

New footage has come out from the top of Hua Shan in China, home to the world's most dangerous hike. 2000 foot cliffs and a deadly, narrow plank await you on this holy mountain. Video credit: NOMADasaurus Adventure Travel Blog

Could This Be The Most Romantic Location For A Proposal Ever?

Inside the world's biggest cave, Hang Son Doong in Vietnam, a young Australian couple got engaged underneath a gorgeous sunbeam in what could be the most unique and romantic place for a proposal ever! The couple run the popular travel blog,, and are trying to backpacking overland from Thailand to South Africa without flying. When they found themselves in Vietnam, in a cave where less than 300 tourists have ever seen, the man dropped to one knee and sealed the deal with his now-future wife. Time to step up your game guys!