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    27 Incredibly Truthful Reasons Why You Should Never Go To Mongolia


    1. Wild horses always get in the way of your sunset shots.

    2. See? Ugh.

    3. You can camp anywhere for free, but the sites are pretty lame.

    4. And sometimes they get way too crowded.

    5. Magsar, the Dukha reindeer herder, has absolutely no chill.

    6. The parks feel a bit smoggy and dirty at times.

    7. The kids stay inside all day and play on their computers. #Boring.

    8. Probably because they don't have any cool toys to play with outside.

    9. Or because they are scared of roaming around on their own.

    10. The houses — called gers — are nothing special.

    11. And the backyards are kinda small.

    12. All of the lawnmowers there really pollute the environment.

    13. The Mongolian public transportation system is the worst.

    14. Even though the people practice Buddhism, the vibe can get pretty wild at times.

    15. The colors are dull AF.

    16. There aren't many cool activities for you to do.

    17. Your chances of feeling claustrophobic are quite high.

    18. There's never anywhere to sit on the sand dunes.

    19. There aren't many oases in the Gobi Desert, so it gets pretty hot.

    20. Cool animal spottings are minimal.

    21. And there's pretty much zero local culture.

    22. The fish isn't fresh at all.

    23. The locals won't humor you and pose for photos.

    24. The sky never gives good cloud.

    25. And even if it did, there are too many skyscrapers blocking your view anyway.

    26. The sleeping situation is nothing to write home about.

    27. And when you camp under the Milky Way, the stars are so bright that they'll definitely keep you up all night. #Fail.

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