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    Top 20 Inventions You Didn't Know Were From Syracuse, NY - Created By Michael John Heagerty

    Syracuse, NY was once known as "the cradle of industry." The Central New York area was home to a multitude of manufacturers in the late 19th century through the mid-1960s which produced a great era of prosperity and innovation for the city. You'll be surprised to find out about some of the inventions that were patented in Syracuse, that we use to this day. Learn more about Syracuse's illustrious history of industry and manufacturing on NOexcuses distinctive neighborhood tours - Also check out #takeatour videos produced each week by the Syracuse New Times to learn about these inventions in short videos created by Michael John Heagerty, Christi Smith & Ty Marshal © Copyright 2014 - Michael John Heagerty All Rights Reserved.

    1. The Brannock Device for measuring shoe size

    2. The Loafer

    3. Serrated Edge Bread Knife

    4. The Mutoscope (first personal motion picture projector)

    5. The Franklin Automobile (first company to die-cast)

    6. The first ever Traffic Signal

    7. The Brown-Stillman Pneumatic Tire

    8. The First multi-shift Bicycle Gear

    9. Salt Potatoes

    10. Cathedral Candles

    11. The Dentist Chair

    12. State Fair + First Ferris Wheel in the US!

    13. First Drive-thru

    14. The Time Clock

    15. The Shot Clock

    16. Sani-Grip

    17. MAGTITE Magnetic Tape Holster

    18. Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

    19. First Synthetic Penicillin

    20. The first Literacy Volunteer Organization