TOP 20 Other Things You Didn't Know Were From Syracuse, NY

The Follow up to the popular Top 20 Inventions You Didn’t Know Were From Syracuse, NY Syracuse, NY has always been a center of innovation. I bet you’ll be surprised to find out about some of the stories penned here, people from here and the trivia tidbits in this countdown. Learn more about Syracuse’s illustrious history on a NOexcuses distinctive neighborhood tours - Be sure to check out #takeatour videos produced each week by the Syracuse New Times to learn about these inventions and more in short videos created by Michael John Heagerty with Christi Smith & Ty Marshal #didyouknow - use this tag to check out awesome facts by NOexcuses about local inventions, people, places & things! #315protip - up-to-date tips about happenings around town from NOexcuses. © Copyright 2015 - Michael John Heagerty -Edits by Ty Marshal - All Rights Reserved.

NOexcusesSYR • 3 years ago