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17 GIFs Everyone Should Look At Before Raging On The Internet

*World-weary sigh*

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1. It's been a stressful day and you're casually browsing the internet to relax.


2. You see someone being virtually attacked and think this is the perfect opportunity to remove your day's frustrations so you can sleep soundly.

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3. But before you transfer your anger and insecurities to a stranger, consider the following:


4. Maybe you're just hangry and need some comfort food inside you.

5. It's possible you're running away from you own problems – your ungrateful boss, the dug up roads, or getting pushed on the train.

6. Take a deep breath and think about that day you hit all the green signals on your way home.

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7. Or that relaxing roadtrip you went on with your friends.


8. Imagine yourself chilling with a cocktail on an undiscovered beach.

9. Think of all the beautiful art you could be making instead of flinging insults at strangers.

10. Maybe a steaming hot cup of sweet chai is all you need.

11. Do something that relaxes you ;)

12. Think of the first rain after summer and imagine breathing in the petrichor.

13. Maybe a good scream in your pillow or punching a water balloon will put you at peace.


14. Maybe some perspective will do the trick.


15. Whatever it is, shake it off.

16. If all else fails, find a furry friend and have a good cuddle. Who needs rage when we've got cuddling?

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17. There! You're now ready for the internet.