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    This Restaurant Makes PITCH Black "Charcoal" Pav Bhaji And It's Confusing As Hell

    Remember the good ol' unnaturally orange, extra buttered pav bhaji?

    Hello fellow foodies. India is the land of the BEST food. Seriously the stuff here is insane. And sometimes we like to mix things up and make some ~fusion food~.

    Like this here is pav bhaji fondue and naanza (naan + pizza) which are both A+ combinations.

    But one restaurant has gone ahead and made something called CHARCOAL PAV BHAJI.

    That's right. Potatoes, onions and tomatoes mixed with carbon. Just how I like it.

    Even the bread has charcoal in it!

    Sure, activated charcoal is the newest trend in the superfood world...

    But am I looking for it in my pav bhaji? Probably not.

    "“Surprisingly, it tastes exactly the same [as pav bhaji] you get on the streets, with less butter," says one brave soul.

    Remember the good ol' unnaturally orange, extra buttered, “ek pav extra dena bhaiya” brand of the dish? 2016 is so damn 2016.

    If you want to try it, you can head to Masala Bar in Bandra, Mumbai.