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    24 Pickup Lines That Will Only Work In India

    "Do you eat a lot of eggplant? Because that body is bengan!"

    1. I'm addicted to you like an aunty to chai.

    Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment / Via

    2. I'll delete my profile for you.

    Eros Now / Via

    3. Dating me is like being in a rickshaw on a potholed road - one helluva ride!

    4. You're so fine, I bet YOU reject rickshaw-wallahs.

    5. I’ve never had to ‘Ask The Sexpert’

    Mumbai Mirror / Via

    6. You’re a Salman fan? I love SRK! I’ve always wanted to have mixed race babies.

    Film Kraft / Via

    7. Our relationship is so strong, it would survive a season of Bigg Boss.

    Colors TV / Via

    8. Tu jaanti nahin mera baap kaun hai.

    TNT / Via

    9. I wanna do things to you that are dirtier than all of India's water bodies combined.

    10. One date and I'll swachh you off your feet.

    Narendra Modi / Via Twitter: @narendramodi

    11. Go out with me and you won't be sari.

    TBS / Via

    12. I'll have my mum send a rishta to yours.

    Dharma Productions / Via

    13. You're so hot, you put the desi in desirable

    Kaling International / Via

    14. If you like bananas come with me cause I'm akela.

    Deedle-Dee Productions / Via

    15. Hey do you eat a lot of eggplant cause that body is bengan!

    16. Hey I don't like to brag but I have a 10 year U.S. visa.

    Star TV / Via

    17. You look like you could use some hot chocolate.


    18. Twinkle twinkle little star, will you be my pehla pyaar? Up above the world so high, I'm not even scared of your bada bhai.

    Arbaaz Khan Productions / Via

    19. My life without you is like bhel without chutney.

    Yash Raj Films / Via

    20. Our kundalis are a perfect match!

    21. Girl, were you born on Diwali? Because you are a Pataka.

    22. I'm like dal, hot, spicy and I'll fill you up.

    Kintop Pictures / Via

    23. Do you eat a lot of pizza because tu cheese badi hai mast mast.

    Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd. / Via

    24. Are you smog? Because you take my breath away.

    Warner Bros. / Via

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