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17 Times Beauty Bloggers Got Away With Trolling Us All

They're just fucking with us, right?

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Hi I'm Nirali and I'm a makeup n00b.

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I can do the basics but I often look to Instagram beauty bloggers to teach me new things or how to do the old things better.

But sometimes I feel like they're fucking with me. Just to see how far I'll go in my quest to get the ultimate selfie face.

1. Like when they thought lips were too difficult to outline and that I should rip out my upper and lower lip hair just to stay in the lines.

Instagram: @she_slays_makeup

2. And when they were like, "your butt needs to be accentuated a tad bit."

Instagram: @nycdragun

3. When I couldn't even match my left winged liner to the right and they were like, "WAIT, let's draw a whole other eye to make it tougher."

Instagram: @rermakeup

4. When they wanted me to show off my yoga skills and bend over to CONTOUR MY LEGS while looking at a biology text book to show where my muscles are.

Instagram: @makeupmeri

5. When they thought they could April fool me into getting an eyebrow weave, as if the hair I have isn't enough.

Instagram: @she_looks_rosie

I could grow this myself but that's the OPPOSITE of what I'm aiming for.

6. When they tried to convince me that the whole cotton-stuck-in-my-nail catastrophe was an actual trend.

Instagram: @glamoureal

7. When they made me paranoid by telling me that people actually look at the back of my neck.

Instagram: @mwhairstyles

I thought that was a safe space, you guys.

8. When they made me waste all my maxi-pads and look like a fool because all I wanted was some curls.

Instagram: @mwhairstyles

9. When they successfully convinced me to pose like a dinosaur because apparently, it's flattering.

Instagram: @hudabeauty

10. When I had to spends several hours and several bottles of shampoo trying to remove this glitter dandruff.

Instagram: @judyelle

11. When they convinced me to ask boys if I could put glitter in their beards and chest hair and cost me a few friendships.

Instagram: @vincenttylerbeauty

12. When they made my mom yell at me for stealing all the cutlery and covering it with makeup.

Instagram: @nicolconcilio

13. And when I walked around looking like a splotchy baby but smelling DIVINE.

Instagram: @miriammarroquinn

14. When they made me "bake" with actual baking products.

Instagram: @miriammarroquinn

15. When they were like, "Make super precise and straight lines while contouring BUT BLEND THEM ALL AWAY BECAUSE OTHERWISE IT WON'T LOOK NATURAL."

Instagram: @hudabeauty

Also ripped out a bunch of baby hairs, my face still hurts ow.

16. OR OR when they said to make intricate ass designs on my face and then just blend it ALL away like those monks who spend hours making sand mandalas and wipe it away when they're done.

Instagram: @makeupvideosonly

17. And when they were like throw out that brush specifically designed for this purpose and use a tooth brush instead.

Instagram: @miriammarroquinn


These makeup gurus are actual artists and I'm grateful for all the new techniques I learn from them so I'll just be here. Trying the latest trend. Ripping out parts of my face.

Instagram: @nikkietutorials