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18 Joys And Struggles You Won't Understand If You Haven't Lived Through A Mumbai Monsoon


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1. It starts when the summer becomes so unbearable that you forget all about last year and start praying for rains.

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2. You just want the rains to come and will use any means necessary.

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3. But it's too busy being a tease.

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4. But even before the petrichor wafts away, you're begging for it to stop.

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5. Some enjoy it more than others...

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6. And for some it's wayyy more harrowing.

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7. Yet somehow, Mumbaikars won't stop showing off to everyone else.

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8. Suddenly, some foods become wayyy more delicious.

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9. And the sea link becomes a thousand times more photogenic.

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10. And the city becomes infinitely more interesting.

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11. It gets too dirty to recreate the pleasures of your childhood but that's easily solvable with some jugaad.

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12. You're so used to the incessant flooding that this seems like a plausible way to meet someone.

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13. And you don't even blink twice at some strange-ass scenarios.

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14. Rain gear becomes more important than your wallet and keys.

15. Because we won't let anything stop us from doing what we gotta do.

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16. Even if it feels like everything is crumbling around us...

@GhandhiDeva / Via Twitter: @GhandhiDeva

17. And our survival skills top those of any olympic athlete.

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18. Because at the end of the day you're a Mumbaikar and you do what you do.

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