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    Varun Dhawan Is Setting Unrealistic Expectation For All Men

    How does he have an odd number of packs?

    Varun Dhawan was probably born with the body of a goddamn Greek god.

    Varun Dhawan

    And his latest Instagram has just left me gasping.

    Varun Dhawan

    He's currently shooting for the action film, Dishoom with John Abraham (keep me in your prayers when this movie comes out) and has been working extra hard on that bod.

    Varun Dhawan

    Here's a helpful visual if your hormones are clouding your brain.

    Varun Dhawan

    Even Varun himself can't understand what he sees in the mirror. "Am I human?" he's probably thinking.

    He obviously works pretty damn hard.

    Varun Dhawan

    Dat face tho.


    Varun Dhawan

    What is this magic?

    Same, Kriti, same.

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