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    Posted on 20 Nov 2014

    Watch This Indian Slam Poet Powerfully Capture The Lengths We All Go To For Validation

    "The fear of being alone makes these hands and this mouth do a hundred dirty things."

    The Airplane Poetry Movement is a project meant to create a vibrant and energetic spoken word poetry culture amongst India's youth.

    Airplane Poetry Movement / Via

    Preeti Vangani, pictured above, won their most recent slam at The HIVE with her eye-opening poem, "Validation," about the host of strange things we do everyday to validate our existence.

    She starts with making it clear what this poem is not about, and then goes on to confess the various ways she's sought to validate herself, physically and otherwise.

    Airplane Poetry Movement / Via

    She points out everyday situations that we put ourselves in, just to fit in, and you'll find yourself nodding in agreement.

    Airplane Poetry Movement / Via

    Watch the powerful poem in full here:

    View this video on YouTube

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