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    Posted on 25 Sep 2015

    A Definitive Ranking Of The Funniest Bhojpuri Movie Titles

    "Your kiss is Vitamin Aah."

    14. Jeena Teri Gali Mein

    Saideep Films

    Translation: I want to live in your lane.

    Why: Because while we're impressed that this gentleman would be content with just living near his lover rather than with her, we think a little passion and ambition could go a long way.

    13. Ek Bihari Sau Pe Bhari

    Sujit Tiwari

    Translation: One Bihari can be problematic for a hundred people.

    Why: While the rhyming game is wayyy up there, it just doesn't make any practical sense. And who can say with certainty that none of the other hundred are 100% not Bihari?

    12. Mehraru Chahiye Milky White

    Manohar S. Jha Productions

    Translation: In need of a milky white lover.

    Why: This is just disgusting and the reason for Fair & Lovely sales going up. Your mehraru can be any colour of the rainbow and you will be grateful.

    11. Miya Anari Ba Biwi Khilari Ba

    Babukishan Productions

    Translation: Husband is a dumbass, wife is a player.

    Why: While it's refreshing seeing a woman "playa" who isn't being slut-shamed, cheating is still BAD.

    10. Gobbar Singh

    Translation: Poop Singh.

    Why: We're really hoping this is just a typo.

    9. Rowdy Rani

    Jivika Film Production

    Translation: Rowdy queen.

    Why: Aren't we all tired of well-behaved queens? What we really need is a rowdy ruler. Slay queen, slaaaay.

    8. Jeans Wali Bhauji

    Welcome Films City

    Translation: Jeans-wearing sister-in-law.

    Why: Being attracted to your in-laws is a weird yet rampant theme in the Bhojpuri industry. What we really need is a Bhojpuri Tinder. Also props on putting her in jeans instead of a sari.

    7. Rickshawala I Love You

    Waheguru Movies

    Translation: Rickshaw driver, I love you.

    Why: While this seems like a lovely movie, it's a bit fantastical because we all know rickshawalas don't give anyone the time of day.

    6. Pandit Ji Batai Na Biyah Kab Hoi 2

    Ravi Kishen Productions

    Translation: Priest, please tell me when my wedding will be 2.

    Why: I reiterate. BHOJPURI TINDER IS NEEDED.

    5. Ae Raja Line Par Aaja

    Indus Cine Productions

    Translation: Hey Raja, get in line.

    Why: This sounds like a lovely, empowered feminist movie. You're outta line Raja, and you need to get back in queue bye.

    4. Pepsi Peeke Lagelu Sexy

    K P Film Creations

    Translation: Looking sexy drinking Pepsi.

    Why: Because people should be complimented on their eating and drinking skills more. Imagine her eating Lays Magic Masala.

    3. Lahenga Mein Baad Aail Baa


    Translation: The lehenga is flooded.

    Why: In a country were everything is censored, it's such a bold move to talk about a woman's sexuality. Yaaass to the floods.

    2. Harami Kela


    Translation: Bastard Banana.

    Why: Fruits and vegetables need more representation in movies, even if it's in a villainous role.

    1. Tauhar Chumma Bitamin Aah

    Translation: Your kiss is Vitamin Aah.

    Why: This is a clear winner because it combines every element of a great movie name – romance, raunchiness, and your daily dose of made-up vitamins.

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