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    Here's All India Bakchod A Year Ago, Predicting Exactly How India Would Respond To Their Roast

    "You want to do a comedy show without saying anything? Without offending anybody? This is a democracy. We have rights." - Rohan Joshi, 2013

    In case you've been living under a rock, Indian comedy group All India Bakchod held a roast of actors Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh on Dec. 20, 2014.

    All India Bakchod

    It also featured acclaimed director/producer Karan Johar as the Roast Master (emcee).

    A month later, AIB uploaded an edited version of the two-hour roast on YouTube and all hell broke loose.

    All India Bakchod

    Since its release, the roast was watched millions of times, and also earned the Bakchods several police complaints and FIRs for vulgarity, obscenity, and generally offending a variety of religious and cultural groups. The video has since been taken down but not before sparking a country-wide debate on freedom of expression in India.

    Now, get this: Over year ago, AIB wrote and starred in a sketch in which they literally predict EXACTLY what would happen if they dared to push the envelope of comedy in India.

    All India Bakchod / Via Facebook: video.php

    The video was originally uploaded by All India Bakchod in September of 2013, when they released it for YouTube India's "Comedy Week." It has been taken down on their channel but was recently re-uploaded by Facebook user Mayank Sangani.

    The super-meta video opens with the Bakchods brainstorming for a new sketch, but themselves shooting down every idea for being "offensive" to someone or the other.

    All India Bakchod / Via Facebook: video.php

    Until finally, Rohan Joshi gets tired of this shit and launches into an impassioned call to action that ends up motivating the rest of them to fight for our freedom (of speech).

    All India Bakchod / Via Facebook: video.php

    He gets them all riled up and in true Indian fashion, the government works quickly the one time we don't want it to.

    All India Bakchod / Via Facebook: video.php

    Watch the eerily foreshadowing video in full here:

    Facebook: video.php