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    The Ultimate Bigg Boss Drinking Game

    Because the only thing that can make this show tolerable is copious amounts of alcohol.

    Here's what you need:

    • Every contestants' preferred alcohol. Make it as varied as possible.

    • The non-HD Colors TV channel. Trust me, you'll need the breaks.

    • Nerves of steel. If you get annoyed easily, you're going to have a bad time.

    • The TV remote. It can get pretty loud. Keep one hand on the volume button at all times.


    Pick a Captain.

    Before you start, assemble the Bigg Boss Eliminator.

    Take a sip every time:

    Chug half your drink when:

    During a fight:

    During an emotional breakdown/monologue:

    When a word is beeped out, everyone hands their drink to the person on their left and chugs.

    The Eliminator.

    Last man standing wins. If you pass out before the end of the episode, you're a psycho case man.

    And if you think you can last wayyyy longer, take this quiz to find out if you're right.