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    20 Pictures That Will Hit Too Close To Home If You're Punjabi

    You're not bae, you're baesharam.

    1. On special Punjabi mom sass.

    2. Especially when you do something stupid in front of her.

    3. And it suddenly snowballs into something terrifying.

    4. And before you know it, you're the sorry recipient of one tight thappar.

    5. Or even worse.

    6. On always being super dramatic.

    7. On the one day you don't see tharki boys.

    8. On relationships.

    9. On being obsessed with food.

    10. On your kaminapan.

    11. And the real reason you don't have a bangin' bod.

    12. On your enemy's favourite chocolate.

    13. Because EVERYTHING needs to be drowning in shudh desi ghee.

    14. And even then, your dadi will never think you had enough.

    15. On visiting your favourite uncle.

    16. On seating arrangements.

    17. On trying to find your mom in a sea of aunties.

    18. And never ever letting go.

    19. On aunty-speak.

    20. And on this inevitable struggle.

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