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17 Totally Baffling Instructions Every Indian Student Has Received From Their Teachers

"Give me a blue pen of any colour."

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1. "Open the doors of the window."

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Translation: "Open the fucking window!"

2. "Give me a blue pen of any colour."

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Translation: "Give me a blue pen." or "Give me a pen of any colour." Who knows?

3. "Both of you! Stand together, separately!"


Translation: "Both of you! Rise at the same time and stand in 2 different corners of the class so you can STFU!"

4. "Open the window, let the atmosphere come in."

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Translation: "Open the window to promote ventilation in this hell-hole."

5. "All boys stand on the left, girls on the right, the rest in between."

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Translation: "All boys stand on the left, girls on the right, the rest - you do you!"

6. "Everyone keep quiet, the principal just passed away in the corridor."

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Translation: "Everyone keep quite! My fantasies aside, the principal just passed by in the corridor."

7. "Please behave yourselves. The principal is rotating outside."

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Translation: "She's just taking rounds but I want to put the fear of god in you."

8. "I will call your mother, your father and your parents tomorrow!"

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Translation: "Two parents aren't enough to complain about your shenanigans."

9. "All of you gather around and stand in a straight circle."

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Translation: "All of you gather around in a neat (?) circle."

10. "Whoever is absent raise your hand."

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Translation: "You could atleast have come to class to inform me when you won't be coming to class."

11. "Go understand the tree and think about what you did!"

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Translation: "Go stand under a tree and introspect on what a huge disappointment you tuned out to be."

12. "Stand outside the class and pay attention!"

Aamir Khan Productions / Via

Translation: "I trust you to cause disruptions even if I make you stand out alone, you good-for-nothing nitwit!"

13. "Don't talk in front of my back."


Translation: "Don't be a little bitch and talk behind my back."

14. "Both of you three, GET OUT OF MY CLASS!"

Translation: "All of you just go. Please just go."

15. "Keep quiet and answer my question!"


Translation: "Please just give me the answer I'm looking for so we can all go home."

16. "Prepare for your surprise test tomorrow."


Translation: "I'm warning you about the surprise test so you don't make me look too bad."

17. "Put your hands behind your back and fingers on your lips."

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Translation: "I hate you, therefore contort your body by doing some complicated yoga. That should keep you quiet for at least 3 minutes."