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9 Irani Cafés You Need To Visit In Mumbai Before They're Extinct

How about we skip Starbucks this week?

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1. Cafe Military

What to get: Try the variety of curries topped with salli (thin, fried potato chips) and you HAVE TO get the caramel custard.

2. Kyani & Co.

What to get: The kheema pav overloaded with butter. Wash it down with a Pallonji's raspberry soda. End with a couple of delectable rum balls.

3. Sassanian

What to get: The Parsi fare is what you need to go to the Sassanian for. Try the chicken dhanshak and the variety of delicious custards. The Indian-Chinese sizzlers are great too.

4. Ideal Corner

What to get: Not for those with a mild palette, the food at Ideal is spicy as hell. Try the Parsi pattra ni machi and the bread pudding and lagan nu custard for respite.

5. B Merwan

What to get: The doors open at 5:30 a.m. and the swarm of people waiting outside is proof that Merwan's is where you should go for breakfast. Get there early for freshly baked brun pav, maska pav, veg puff and mawa cakes.

6. Yazdani Bakery & Restaurant

What to get: Try the apple pie, a buttery plate of maska khari and a steaming cup of pani-cum-chai.

7. Cafe Excelsior

What to get: You have to get the mutton cutlet gravy. The shawarma is a good option too. End your meal with a perfectly set caramel custard.

8. Britannia & Company Restaurant

What to get there: Berry pulav was created in these very kitchens so obviously you have to order it. Pair it with dhanshak for a match made in heaven. The chicken and vegetarian cutlets are great snacks too.

9. Jimmy Boy

What to get: Although it's a multi-cuisine restaurant, go to Jimmy Boy for the Parsi fare. The salli par edu and farcha chicken are to die for.

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