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17 Reasons Kangana Ranaut Is The Best Thing To Happen To Bollywood

And the world, in general.

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1. She's proved that Bollywood movies don't need a male lead to become hugely successful.

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Tanu Weds Manu Returns just became the first Bollywood movie in 2015 – and the first Bollywood movie with a female lead ever – to make ₹100 crore at the box office.

4. While the rest of the industry's stars are busy making money from endorsing regressive products, Kangana has consistently set a better example.

She famously rejected a ₹2 crore ad for a fairness cream because she felt that, as a public figure, she has a responsibility to spread the right messages.


6. Yet even her shut-downs are polite and charming.


9. She's constantly redefining what "high fashion" means.

Here she's just casually shooting for the cover of Vogue.


13. She makes excellent decisions when it comes to choosing roles.

She's consistently played strong female roles in all her movies.


16. Each and every one of them.

17. And, both on and off the silver screen, she's always a loud, adamant champion for a better life for India's women.