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16 Reasons Having A Desi Beach Wedding Is A Great Idea

Sand, surf, shaadi.

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1. It's a surreal backdrop to have on your special day.

2. And it makes for the best photos, ever.

3. You get to replace all the heavy bridal wear with fun, tropical clothes.

4. BONUS: You can't wear heels on sand, so be free and run around.

5. The baraat is so much more impressive when it comes from the sea.

6. Who can be stressed when surrounded by sunshine and the sound of the sea?

7. Just look at these happy faces.

8. It's the perfect excuse to have a small, intimate ceremony.

9. Because this day is about you.

10. (Oh okay, and about one other person.)

11. What's more romantic than a beach sunset???

12. And your marriage can start with long walks on the beach.

13. If it gets hot you can cool off in the ocean.

14. So go have a wedding with the ocean as your witness.

15. Because it's what your fairytale fantasy needs.

16. Admit it, this is the best idea ever.