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23 GIFs That Will Make Every Sadist's Day

Hahahahahahahahaahahhahahaha oh man you're going to hell.

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1. If you think dancing seductively on bread and butter deserves this fate, you are mean.


2. You probably think this girl having an epic fall in a puddle is hilarious, don't you?

3. And that majestic felines really need 9 lives because they'd have super short life spans otherwise?


4. You probably weren't rooting for this bro to have the best day ever.


5. And you think all happy couples should end up this way.

6. If you laughed at these funny walking creatures slipping a fall, you are immune to the fuzzies!

7. You probably think Lady Gaga should be called Lady Boo Boo, don't you?


8. If this babe getting hit on by a wave fills you with joy, you're probably a psychopath.

9. You honestly think this girl needs to take one for all the rogue twerkers in the world, don't you?

10. You think this is funny? What's wrong with you?

11. You would testify in court that this fail was totally ~not on purpose~.


12. You wished humans would fucking stop acting like rodents.

13. You had uncontrollable giggles that time this band fell in one direction.

14. You were all like, "hehe looks like Humpty Dumpty had a great fall" when you saw this GIF.

15. You laughed at this unfortunate soul's unfortunate moon.

16. You cheered when this prankster became the prankee.

17. This 3 and a half hour masterpiece running into the ground filled you with glee.

18. You were rooting against this guy who finally starting working out after six months of procrastination.

19. You think these dumb college kids should get a taste of the crippling disappointment that is adult life ASAP.

20. You laughed at this billiards player who didn't know he was playing "pool".

21. You think this wrestler should just be crowned the King Of Fails.

22. If you think these babies trying lemons for the first time are funny, you're a terrible human being.

23. And Dwight K. Schrute should have probably asked, "Would an idiot do that?" before trying this stunt.

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