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    17 Reasons Sakshi Malik Deserves ALL OF THE Medals

    She already became India's first 2016 Olympic medalist, winning a bronze at the women's freestyle 58kg wrestling event last night. Now her goofiness, sincerity, and passion will win your heart too.

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    1. Because she's totally 100% candid about the real reason she worked to get to the Olympics.

    ESPN / Via

    2. Because of this pro-level goofiness.

    The Quint / Via

    3. Because her passion has brought every skeptic on board.

    The Quint / Via

    4. Because she would've been equally happy if one of India's other two women wrestlers, Vinesh Phogat or Babita Kumari, had medalled instead of her.

    Sanjay Kanojia / AFP / Getty Images

    5. And she fought harder after one of them fell out of the running.

    Lars Baron / Getty Images

    6. Because she's honest about the challenges of being a sportsperson.

    Toshifumi Kitamura / AFP / Getty Images

    7. Because she's wiser at 24 than most of us will be, like, ever.

    Lars Baron / Getty Images

    8. Because of this staggering humility.

    Francois-xavier Marit / AFP / Getty Images

    9. This sincere patriotism.

    10. And this contagious grin.

    Lars Baron / Getty Images

    11. Because she refused to enjoy the spotlight alone and immediately pulled her coach Kuldeep Singh into it with her.

    Lars Baron / Getty Images

    12. Because of this post-medal anecdote from her mom.

    ANI / Via Twitter: @ANI_news

    13. Because her brother's reaction to her winning an Olympic medal on Raksha Bandhan will make any sister tear up.

    ANI / Via Twitter: @ANI_news

    "It's unlikely any sister can give a bigger gift than this."

    14. Because she's the athlete and the cheerleader.

    Lars Baron / Getty Images

    15. Because her post-victory celebrations are the most adorable in the world. Gold medal at the Awwwwwlympics.

    Lars Baron / Getty Images

    Here she is after winning the women's freestyle 58kg bronze match last night.

    16. Because she's trained for over a decade to become third best in the WHOLE DAMN WORLD at what she does.

    Lars Baron / Getty Images

    17. And because this is the face of incredible dreams coming true.

    Jack Guez / AFP / Getty Images

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