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    Hey Ranveer Singh, We Need To Talk


    Hey Ranveer. I'm sure you know you're beautiful, and probably the finest specimen of the Indian male to ever exist.

    Yash Raj Films

    *fans self*

    I MEAN...

    SLB Films Pvt. Ltd.

    And I love, love, LOVE that you have no fucks to give.

    I was totally behind you during your fedora phase, as difficult as it was.

    I even understood, if not related to, your addiction to aggressively printed suits.

    Ranveer Singh

    Even when you suddenly devolved to shorts-suits. I forgave you. You do you.

    Ranveer Singh
    Ranveer Singh

    But finally, you've crossed even my lenient lines. You're going to have to set a better example for members of the public.

    Excel Entertainment

    Because WHAT IS THIS? Did a child's bed sheet throw up on you?

    We can't have the haters rippin' on you, man.

    When you don't know what to do with your unused bedsheet.

    And we can't have people comparing you to Harry fuckin' Styles.

    What is up with these men? One Direction's #HarryStyles and #RanveerSingh take quirky to another level. Yay or Nay?

    You're a BAMF and don't deserve to be treated like a joke by heathens like KRK.

    This is one more proof that Ranveer singh is Man+woman= Double Dholki.

    Don't worry tho, we've found you the perfect solution:

    SLB Films

    Please and thank you.

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