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    Posted on Jun 2, 2015

    29 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed Our Obsession With Pizza

    "It really messes me up that you can accidentally create a human life but you can't accidentally make a pizza."

    1. On being there through thick and thin.

    2. On smart decisions.

    3. On cheat meals.

    4. On always being Ethan.

    5. On true love.

    6. On Coldplay.

    7. On never losing hope.

    8. On unconditional love.

    9. On the supreme being.

    10. On pickup lines.

    11. On commitment.

    12. On miracles.

    13. On PDA.

    14. On temptations.

    15. On achieving inner peace.

    16. On getting through difficult times.

    17. On our only saviour.

    18. On relationships.

    19. On forming the happiest cult ever.

    20. On the best time to be alive.

    21. On guilt.

    22. On always going for the third slice.

    23. On equality.

    24. On talent.

    25. On crimes against pizza.

    26. On back stories.

    27. On different pizzas for different moods.

    28. On the only love of your life.

    29. On pizza being equal to the entire universe.

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