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    14 Mind-Blowing Shaadi Outfit Ideas For Every Lazy Girl

    You're the pataka.

    1. Dress down an old lehenga with a basic crop top.

    2. Or a crisp white shirt if you're feeling a bit experimental.

    3. A printed top or sweatshirt with a colourful ghagra will make you look like kitsch royalty.

    4. Add an intricate, readymade cape to a simple monochromatic outfit.

    5. Or a heavy, embroidered jacket for a style upgrade.

    6. Dig through your mum's closet for a heavy dupatta and just pair it with a plain, white churidar kurta.

    7. Replace the churidar with a long shirt and leggings for maximum quirk factor.

    8. A brooch on a white kurta is just festive enough.

    9. Add loads of desi accessories to a plain dress.

    10. Or a cute embroidered bag.

    11. Chances are that you already own a maxi-skirt. Wear it with a crop top to fake a lehenga.

    12. Wear a lace or crochet off-shoulder top for ultimate boho-chic beauty.

    13. An embellished top with dhoti pants is the comfiest way to celebrate any festival.

    14. Switch the top for a poncho and you can literally go to bed later, just like that.

    Try not to burn anyone with your hotness, though.

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