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If This Video Doesn't Inspire You To Do A Random Act Of Kindness, You Are Dead Inside

"If you are lost at sea, looking for humanity in this world, this video could be your guiding star."

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Dancer, singer, writer, vlogger and founder of an NGO, Anusha Swamy, uploaded this video to her YouTube channel about how small gestures of kindness can start a whole chain of love and compassion.

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This video is part of Maya, a yearly concept of Zorba, a holistic yoga and therapy studio in Chennai, "where they talk about how it is important to love and help others to love and help yourself," according to the description on the video.

Plus the video has puppies and adorable little kids that will transform you into an emotional, bawling mess.

So once you're done having a good little cry, promise to make the world a ~slightly~ better place by doing your little bit.

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