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Indians: You Don't Need To Get Married Just Because People Want You To


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So here's a cool thing that happens to a lot of us Indians as soon as we show mild signs of adulthood: your family descends on you like a pack of predators, ready to ship you off to a life of marital bliss. / Via

And suddenly, every aunty and her nani is sending rishtas your way.


PLUS you're going to have to leave the comfortable life you've been leading thus far (and maybe even your house and parents).

Rajshri Productions / Imaan Sheikh

I mean there's an entire ritual dedicated to crying on your wedding day. WHAT IS THAT?

You're gorgeous, smart and sexy, and it's totally okay to be confused and not have everything figured out.

Dharma Productions/ via Imaan Sheikh

Like falling out of love, not being completely over your ex or just not feeling it yakno?

And maybeeee, it’s possible that you already know what you want. And maybe it doesn’t match what everyone around you wants you to want. And maybe that's OK.

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