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    17 Hairstyles To Help You Survive The Indian Summer And Still Look Flawless

    We're all in this together.

    Summer's here and the only way to stay sane is to keep your hair OFF YOUR FACE AND NECK!


    There's no need to look like a walking, talking disaster.

    1. Use custom-made bobby pins to keep the hair off your face.

    Free People / Via

    Paint over you pins with nail paint to make them stand out. Learn how here.

    2. Master the messy bun with just two bobby pins.

    Irreleplant / Via

    For when you know it's not going to stay in one place anyway. Look here for instructions.

    3. Get rid of long hair that makes you feel hot and bothered (temporarily).

    Tyler Joe / Via

    Fake it till you make it by looking here.

    4. Make a knotted ponytail to look more sophisticated at work.

    A Cup Of Jo / Via

    Learn this super easy trick here.

    5. Secure your humidity-induced fly-aways with a pretty little bow.

    We See Rainbows / Via

    6. A relaxed French braid is a super casual way to stay cool.

    Luxy Hair / Via

    Watch an easy tutorial here.

    7. Pimp your top knot by using cute summer accessories.

    Join The Mood / Via

    8. Keep the sun from frying your hair by tying a cute turban while travelling.


    It won't even ruin your hair when you reach work and slip it off.

    9. Keep hair off your neck but knotting it up.

    10. Never cry at horrible pictures of your hair the next morning again by braiding the weakest links.

    shrutiarjunanand / Via

    Watch the tutorial here.

    11. Secure your unruly hair with a head band.

    12. A vintage ponytail to a formal event is hardy yet elegant.

    13. Make your braid thicker and more interesting buy making a five-pronged braid.

    Luxy Hair / Via

    Watch the tutorial here.

    14. Add some boho vibes in your up-do with lace headbands.

    15. Make it look like you've put in effort even if you haven't really with this braid-ponytail.

    16. Curl your hair before the humidity does it for you. Tie it up in a low bun after.

    17. This style may take a little while to do but it won't budge all night.


    Get full instructions here.

    18. We can all be Deepika this summer.

    SLB Films

    At least the hair part. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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