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13 Incredibly Calming Pictures Of PERFECT Handwriting In Indian Languages

Get ready to sigh inappropriately in a bunch of languages you don't know.

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1. Look at these perfect invites in Devanagri.

@mithileshrlokhande / Via

2. This Urdu poetry that will help you sleep at night.

@hkreflections / Via

3. This Gujarati chalk writing that'll make you so calm.

4. These smooth lines.

@typed_23 / Via

5. These Tamil letters that can bring about world peace.

@anushreechokappa / Via

6. This typography that made the most beautiful bracelet.

7. This Marathi poem looks even better because look how straight!


8. This gorgeous Malayalam that could please your soul.

Faisal M H / Via

9. The best possible way to write Hindi, ever.

@mumbaipaused / Via

10. This neat AF Kannada.


11. This geometrically mesmerising Gujarati.

@devalmaniar / Via

12. This flawless lettering made only with coloured powder.

@bijendra_sharma28 / Via

13. And the best 'च' to ever exist.

@mumbaipaused / Via