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22 Times Tumblr Got Real About Being Desi

Me: *visits relative I haven’t seen since I was 2* Relative: have you gained weight?

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1. On dying alone:

2. On finding a partner:

3. On fool proof methods to success:

4. On our obsession with mangoes:

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5. On our obsession with marriage:

6. On trying to lose weight as a desi:

7. On dreading turning into the most loathsome creature of all, the "aunty":

8. On Google being hella wrong:

9. On really big, really fat Indian weddings:

10. On wake-up alarms:

11. On 'adjusting':

12. On grades:

13. On food bringing out emotions:

14. On childhood fantasies:

15. On trust issues:

16. On daydreaming:

17. On Indian clothes as obstacles:

18. On rampant baby-shaming:

19. On the exceptional Indian cinematic experience:

20. On blasphemy:

21. On being unsafe at weddings:

22. On being ruined by everything:

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