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We Tasted The Weirdest Macaron Flavours Ever (including Cheetos, Bacon, And Thandai)

"I feel Cheeto'd."

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I woke up in a panic on Sunday and called them at about 12:30 p.m. to ask about the Cheetos macarons and was told there's only one left. I asked ~really nicely~ and they agreed to hold on to it for me.

I rushed out of the house as my family looked bewildered by the rare sight of me mobile and conscious on a Sunday morning.

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I got my hands on the Cheeto and some other strange-ass flavours which I had no interest and intention to try.

At work, I got hold of these two champions to do the taste test for me.

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Srishti (left) has never tried a macaron in her whole, entire life and she was hoping there was at least one normal flavour to help her ease into it.

Shayan (right) is majorly addicted to sugar. I mean you can’t keep biscuits or candy or EVEN HOMEOPATHY PILLS lying around in the office because he will find them, and he will eat them.

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Srishti: "Where is the Cheeto? It tastes like a ladoo. A motichoor ladoo."

"It looks like Cheeto and tastes like ladoo. Are you sure you gave us the right one?"


Srishti: 👍. "It was my first macaron and it was still pretty good. Plus the ladoo taste made it familiar enough."

Shayan: 👎. "I was expecting something crazyyy. I feel Cheeto'd :(."


Srishti: 👍. "I've never had bacon before so I don't know what to feel. It tastes like a had a ton of desi ghee. If this is what bacon tastes like, I'm down."

Shayan: 👍👍👍. "BACON."


Srishti: 👍. "It's weirdly good. When you bite into it, it's disgusting. Then it tastes like weird, tangy taste. And when you swallow, it's full chilly. I would like to have this with shots."

Shayan: 👍. "This is like the Pulse of macarons. It's frikkin' awesome. Just let it happen. Also I would like to say, "Tujhe mirchi lagi toh, macaron?""


Srishti: 👎. "It tastes like frozen thandai. Literally just thandai between cookies."

Shayan: 👋(This means "eh"). "Hey is this bhang flavour? Dude, where is the bhang. I thought there was going to be bhang. I'm sad there is no bhang."


Srishti: ❓❓ (Srishti was unable to speak and just made whimpering sounds the whole time.)

Shayan:❓❓❓"It tastes like earth. Why?"


Srishti: 👍👍👍 "This is the best one. I'm really happy. Are there anymore?"

Shayan: 👍"It's definitely sweeter than usual. But it was all glittery and beautiful."

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