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18 Things That Happen The Day After An Intense Workout

Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and not poop today.

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1. You wake up and remember your workout and automatically feel fitter.

2. You lie in bed daydreaming about achieving all your fitness goals...


3. And how hot you're going to look and how literally all your problems are going to be solved because of your bangin' new body.

4. You make a few resolutions lying in bed.

1. I'm going to work out every day!

2. I'm going to take the stairs every time!

3. I'm going to increase my protein intake and give up on carbs altogether!


5. It's all #Fitspo and #Goals until you have to pee.

Chuck Lorre Productions

6. You're all ready to check yourself out in the bathroom mirror when you realise that it's impossible to get off your bed.

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7. Your limbs are basically on fire. What is even happening?

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8. You need more energy to get out of bed than you used in your entire workout.

Walt Disney

9. You scuttle to the bathroom because your bladder has no empathy for the rest of your body.

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10. If you have a penis then that's amazing and I'm happy for you but for those of us who HAVE to sit down after leg day, THIS PART IS LITERALLY THE WORST PAIN YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE.

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This has no rewards until you go through this torture several times.

12. Anyway, *takes deep breath* you go about your business and walk around like you have major genital disease.

Beyonce Vevo

13. You're super cranky and if anyone says the word "endorphins" around you, you're about ready to hit them with a dumbbell.


14. At this point, the only thing that can make you happy is some comfort food.


15. Followed by a good lie-in and sloth-like behaviour till it goes away.

Which means no working out for a week at least.

16. And in case you're brave enough to go work out in the next 24 hours, you're cursing everyone involved in your head.


"How does this douche canoe expect me to squat when it took me 3 hours to complete my basic hygienic ritual and I was whimpering the whole time."

17. You don't understand people who are "addicted" to exercise.


18. Until you drag yourself up and go again because you're an animal and nothing can stop you from reaching your full fitness potential.

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