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    19 Reasons Lily From "Modern Family" Would Be The Best Friend Ever

    F*ck fruit.

    1. She's always saying what you're actually thinking.

    2. And she has no time for your fad diets.

    3. She's realistic about her body and won't make you feel bad about yours.

    4. She doesn't appreciate being talked down to and won't take it.

    5. She always offers to help.

    6. No matter what you ask from her.

    7. She's always there for the big moments.

    8. She's hella honest about her opinions and will tell you exactly what she wants.

    9. She'll pull you up to your greatest potential.

    10. She's like really good at self-defense, you guys.

    11. She can crack codes and shit.

    12. She's HILARIOUS.

    13. There are no awkward confrontations about ~feelings~ with Lily.

    14. She'll tell you when you look ridiculous.

    15. But won't let you sweat the small stuff.

    16. She has NO TIME for racism.

    17. She can cover her tracks. That's useful AF.

    18. She encourages a healthy amount of sass in any group.

    19. And she's actually an awfully nice person.