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17 Hilarious Tweets About Indians Travelling Abroad

"The fastest way an Indian learns maths is when he shops abroad."

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If we don't get off the flight within the first 50 seconds of it landing, the flight will take off again with us in it - Indians


You know you're in an Indian airport when the lady in front of you chugs the 1ltr carton of juice she isn't being allowed to check in.


Even a short stopover to catch a connecting flight can make Indians experts on everything about the country.


I just caught myself doing that thing where my accent changes because I'm abroad so brb killing self actually not brb because killing self


#WhenIndiansGoAbroad We don't go abroad, we go to 'fourun'


I want to go to abroad once, only to listen to "Ye jo desh hai tera.." there, get all nostalgic and return like a boss.


You know you're travelling with Indians the moment a flight lands and is still taxing


One good thing about rupee falling is that now if you go abroad, your friends and relatives won't ask you to get an iPhone for them.


The fastest way an Indian learns maths is when he shops abroad.


Mineral water prices are the only reason why Indians abroad remain patriotic.


Duty Free is a strange term considering it's pretty much your duty to bring back cheap chocolates for people when you go abroad.


My dad is always excited when I go abroad for shows. He's not proud, he's just looking forward to the two duty-free bottles of whiskey.


Someone returns from abroad and suddenly the amount of chocolate in the house increases by 400%.


Things people get when they come from abroad: Chocolates, liquor and an accent.


Indians are the only humans who travel abroad and search for an Indian restaurant to eat.


Dear people abroad, I apologise on behalf of all Gujaratis traveling in groups. It's like they've put on imaginary earphones. Hence so loud.


It seems like Indians only go abroad to click pictures of cars they will never own.