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    21 People Who Ingeniously Got Shit Done Despite All Odds

    India: Powered by #jugaad.

    1. This DIY selfie stick maker.

    2. This watchman who does his part time job in his full time.

    3. This shopkeeper who thinks he has a shop full of phone covers.

    4. This cyclist who had to get the kids to school on time.

    5. This guy throwing shade at the sun.

    6. This strategically placed liquor shop.

    7. This master chef who won't let another onion make her cry.

    8. This house-seller who was tired of his family.

    9. This bright entrepreneur who won't let big corporations take him down.

    10. This mommy who always has place for her little one.

    11. This iron that moonlights as a toaster.

    12. This scrupulous student who didn't have time to find a scale.

    13. This genius who doesn't need a meter-long charging chord.

    14. This smart mover.

    15. This cricket fan who won't let work stop him from seeing the game.

    16. This shepherd who didn't like the herding part.

    17. These bikers who made a wind and rain cheater.

    18. This multifaceted Kajal pencil.

    19. This woman who's properly using a wheelie-bag. By wheeling it.

    20. This auto-driver who's not missing his daily soaps for anyone.

    21. And this real, legit genius who prevented the curry mix abomination.

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