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17 Reasons We're Not OK With Shahid Kapoor Going Off The Market

(Ka)poor us :(

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1. Shahid Kapoor gracefully entered our lives as a pre-pubescent background dancer in Taal.

Subhash Ghai Films

2. And by the time he made his debut, we were in love.

3. I mean, look at that wee wittle face.

So smol.

4. And then, out of NOWHERE, he finally hits puberty and grows into this. THIS!

5. We're forever floored by his dance moves.

Literally, whenever we tried his moves, we ended up on the floor.

6. And his baby face makes us wish we could just fold him up and carry him in our bags.

Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision

7. But then he goes and turns up the heat and makes our ovaries explode.

10. Cute.

Eros International

12. Sometimes he's hot and cute at the same time and we don't know what to do with ourselves.

13. He's also super smart and ~intellectual~.

14. He makes us believe in every role he plays.

15. Like when we all wanted to have Aditya in our lives and recreate this scene again and again.

TBH, we're still not over him and Kareena.

16. For some reason we thought we had a chance.

Eros International

17. But now he's getting married and there are a million broken hearts strewn on the floor :(

Eros International