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We Had Burger King India’s Bright Red "Angriest Whopper" And It Was Frickin' Spectacular

An American burger? SPICY? YEAH, RIGHT. *takes a bite* *dies of spice*

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If you live in India and have a social media profile, you may have been accosted by Burger King advertising its #AngriestWhopper.

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And you probably scoffed at the idea of an American company trying to sell "spicy" food to Indians.


In fact, when the same burger was introduced in the U.K., people were outraged by its lack of spice.

@BurgerKing Too much hype on this, red food dye and 2 jalapeños don't make the 'angriest' whopper at all...👎🏼

Burger King's "Angriest Whopper" ain't shit 😂 they just put food coloring for the bun. Shit ain't spicy at all

So, not expecting much, we got to one of Burger King's (sparse) locations in Mumbai early and got ourselves a chicken, a mutton, and a vegetarian whopper.

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First things first, here's what the IRL burger looks like when compared to the press release.

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The burger is still MASSIVE compared to other burgers you may have tried. Now let's get to the important part.

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Shayan is a McDonald's loyalist and has copious amounts of Peri Peri fries every week.

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"It's not as angry as I thought it would be but it has a spicy aftertaste that is very pleasant."

Spice Factor: 7/10

Is it better than the McSpicy?
"Umm. Can I have another bite?" *4 bites later* "I actually think I like the McSpicy patty more because it's crunchier."

The burger is for ₹169 (without taxes): "I would never pay such money. Never in my 42 years of existence." (Shayan is 23-years-old. We can only assume that this means 19 years from now, he’d be happy to pay for these burgers.)

Final thoughts: "I always get an upset stomach after McSpicy so I will get back to you in 12 to14 hours."

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Srishti is a vegetarian and hates mass-produced junk food and has a super-low spice threshold.

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"Yuck can I remove the tomatoes?"

(At this point she made a fatal mistake by popping a jalapeno which she was not equipped to handle.)

Spice rating: 8.5/10. "I know it will become 11 by the time I get halfway."

Is it better than the McSpicy: "This is definitely better than the McSpicy. The patty is better, there's more cheese and the size is amazing."

The burger is for ₹159 (without taxes): "That's too much for a burger. That's when I'll go back to McDonalds."

Final thoughts: "It's not as red as I thought it would be but I think that's better. ALSO IT HAS ONION RINGS INSIDE THE BURGER OMG."

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Sumedh LOVES meat and burgers and super spicy food.

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"This is a great burger. It was sweet first and then A BLAST OF SPICE suddenly hit me in the face and I love it."

Spice rating: 8/10

Is it better than the McSpicy: "The meat is better than anything McDonald's has created in its entire life. You can taste the mutton and it's amazing. McSpicy can go and dig its own grave."

The burger is for ₹219 (without taxes): "I'd pay when I'm really hungry. For the size it's great."

Final thoughts: "If Burger King had more outlets, I would always choose this over McDonald's. The jalapeños are unnecessary, but it makes for fantastic drunk junk food."

Now you can make an informed decision.

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