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    24 Things That Happen When You Have Multiple Friend Groups

    People-pleasing, all day, errrrrr day.

    1. You have friends from every stage of your life – preschool, school, college, work, gym and everything in between.

    2. You're exhausted just keeping up with the gossip of all your different groups.

    3. You always have alternative weekend plans if the original ones fall through.

    4. There's no such thing as "alone-time."

    5. Unless you tell everyone you have plans with someone else and stay home hoping no one finds out.

    6. Your phone is always dying because you're in 20 group texts that just won't shut up.

    7. People-pleasing all day, err day.

    8. They're always taunting you about giving more attention to another group of friends.

    9. They get super possessive of you around other friends.

    10. They will sometimes try to one-up each other by testing who knows the most trivia about you.

    11. You have different friends to do different activities so you never miss doing everything you love.

    12. They always want you to help them network with your other friends.

    13. You don't like two groups mixing because it can get really inconvenient for you.

    14. You're absolutely against the idea of inter-group dating.

    15. If your groups ever merge, they bond over their common interest: You.

    16. You have to remember tons of birthdays and anniversaries.

    17. You sometimes have to miss important events because you promised to be somewhere else.

    18. You feel a little sad when they tell you stories of epic things that happened while you weren't there.

    19. You can repeat all your epic stories and jokes multiple times.

    20. You have to prioritise some friends over others.

    21. When things get awkward with one group, you always have another set of friends to fall back on.

    22. You're always broke because you have three times the plans to attend.

    23. You're always tired trying not to disappoint all your friends at once.

    24. But when you really need them, you have a whole crowd of people who've got your back.