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18 Pictures To Send To Your Friend Obsessed With "How I Met Your Mother"

Haaaaaave you seen ANY other show?

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1. Dear friend, I love you. And I KNOW you have excellent taste, because you love me. SO HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE TO LIKE THIS SHAM OF A SHOW?

2. You get annoyed if I talk about my ex for more than five minutes. Yet you sat and listened to this guy go on and on for nine seasons?


4. Of the most whiniest men to ever inhabit our planet???

5. Rational people think turning into Ted Mosby would be the worst thing to ever happen.

6. I mean, people have real goddamn problems Ted. Just SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

7. People just don't sit and whine about their love lives, years later, to their unsuspecting children.

8. What did they do to deserve this?

9. If watching a show with a messy group of friends is what you want, watch reruns of Friends like everyone else.

10. They also have a compulsive complainer but Ross is STILL not as annoying.

11. I'd much rather watch this cage match over and over again than go through even one episode of this garbage show.

12. They relentlessly mock MUCH BETTER COUNTRIES for no good reason.


13. And have ridiculously juvenile "plays" to get girls.


Good luck trying "The Naked Man" IRL.

14. Even people who love the show...hate the show.

15. The level of betrayal is too damn high.

16. These are ton of great shows out there, and I'd be happy to send you a list.


17. These poor suckers don't have a choice, but you do.

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18. But please, please stop defending this joke of a show.