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    19 Reasons Every Brown Girl Is In A Committed Relationship With Kajal

    Here's the one thing all desi girls can see eye-to-eye about.

    1. Kajal makes your side-eyes and eye-rolls a thousand times more effective.


    Instant sass.

    2. And your every look a smouldering look.

    UTV Motion Pictures

    Instant sexiness.

    3. With kajal, your eyes don't just say come hither, they shout it.

    Sight & Sound Movies / Via

    4. Dramatising every emotion is so much more fun with dramatic eyes.


    "Bhindi for lunch again?"

    5. It's unthinkable to let anyone see you until your eyes are fully lined.

    Shakti Films / Via

    6. You're okay with developing permanent blackness around your eyes but there's no way you can quit.

    Eagle Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

    7. It's become such a big part of your identity that people think you look sad when you go without it.

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali Films

    "You look tired..."

    8. Kohl has consistently been with you through all of life's important moments.


    From the day you went grocery shopping to your wedding day.

    9. "Eyebrows on fleek" means squat to you if your eyes aren't rimmed with kohl.

    10. You've tried several brands and know exactly which one won't budge and which one makes you look like a raccoon.

    Ramesh Sippy Entertainment

    11. But you have that one brand you swear by and buy multiple tubes of in case you run out or it's discontinued.



    12. Sometimes you're running really late and consider skipping the kajal. But no...

    Rahul Theatre / Via Imaan Sheikh

    I'd rather be late by two more minutes.

    13. A perfectly swished liner can make your day and you're not afraid to appreciate other people's wings either.

    14. These two black lines can do more for your self esteem than anything else.


    15. If you make the mistake of falling asleep without removing it, get ready to wake up looking possessed.


    16. And if your kajal is any good, it won't come off without the help of a few weapons of kohl destruction.

    Vinod Chopra Productions

    17. The only time you'd be caught without kajal is when you're asleep.

    Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Pvt. Ltd.

    18. Until you wake up and put it on again and can't get over your own beauty.

    Dharma Productions

    19. Because you know your looks can kill when you have kaali kaali aankhen.

    Padmalaya Studios

    Tu-ru-ru, tu-ru-ru.

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