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    17 Things That Inevitably Happen Every Holi

    All about that holi-day spirit.

    1. You spend hours on the group chat deciding whose building to go to.

    2. You carefully weigh your options based on the following criteria – crowd, snacks and location of your crush.

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    There's something weirdly romantic about holi idk.

    3. You run around the house while your mum runs behind you with a bottle of oil.

    Star TV

    Unless you're an actual adult and know what's good for you. (Teach me your ways.)

    4. You bid a tearful goodbye to your phone.

    ABC Family

    "I have to leave you because I love you."

    5. And gather your weapons of mass destruction.

    6. You step into the warzone to make the difficult and terrifying journey to your destination.


    7. Where the circumstances aren't much better.

    Yash Raj Films


    8. But before you know it there's a sea of colour, water, balloons, beer, eggs, food, the Indian Ocean and miscellaneous things coming at you.

    9. By this time, the bhang/beer has started kicking in so you just don't care.

    10. But the munchies have hit and every samosa, gujiya, mathri and mithai is on its way to your mouth.

    11. You're not above stealing little kids' pichkaris because THIS IS HOLI.

    12. You honestly don't care about how you look because you're so busy having fun.

    Beautiful. You look beautiful.

    13. The families start leaving until it's just you guys and all the drunk uncles.

    Yash Raj Films

    So. Many. Drunkles.

    14. Suddenly everyone on the road is your friend now and you're walking around nodding at all the red faces.

    15. You get home and are finally reunited with your phone.

    16. You know you're going to look like this for the next three months.

    17. But you know you're still going to do it all again this year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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