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    21 Hilarious Hoezaay Vines For Every Situation

    Warning: Do NOT read this at work because you won't stop laughing.

    1. When you're showing off some hot moves in front of your crush.

    2. When you try contouring your face.

    3. When your online shopping finally gets delivered.

    4. When you're ageing and there is nothing you can do but embrace it.

    5. What you're actually thinking while trying to look attentive at a boring meeting.

    6. When it's raining too much and school/college/work gets cancelled.

    7. When Arnab has been covering the elections for 12 hours straight.

    8. What 'going out with friends' actually means now.

    9. What you're thinking when you've been set up for a date.

    10. When you've just started dating.

    11. When you've been dating for way too long.

    12. When salespeople just don't get you.

    13. When the teacher asks you a difficult question in front of the whole class.

    14. When you feel guilty for only using your treadmill to hang clothes to dry.

    15. When you can't afford a gym membership.

    16. When travelling by rickshaw is just a bitch to your hair.

    17. When you're driving alone.

    18. When you're all alone and the club only allows couple entry.

    19. When you have to entertain yourself on a long flight and your iPod is dead.

    20. When you spot someone wearing the same outfit as you at a party.

    21. And when you wake up and see the state of journalism in this country.

    For more goofy videos that may make your drink come out of your nose, follow Hoezaay here.

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