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The Latest In Contouring Will Make You Feel Even Worse About Your Makeup Skills

Here's how to get ready if you have four hours every morning.

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First, some context: Contouring and highlighting, a makeup technique used by drag queens, blew up when Kim Kardashian started using it to fake a better bone structure.

It's supposed to lift your cheekbones, make your nose sharper, your forehead smaller and your cheeks more hollowed.

Makeup artists have been using it for years to help celebrities take better pictures, but it's not meant to be a part of your everyday makeup regime.

And suddenly everyone wanted to do it.

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Then came strobing, a life-hack version of contouring which just requires you to "find your light".

Basically just brush highlighter on to the parts of your face the light touches, i.e. the tip of your nose, the centre of your forehead, your cheekbones, under your brow bone, the inner corner of your eyes and the tip of your chin.

All of which is great, except:

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And now, to make you feel EVEN MORE inadequate, please put your hands together for the henna contour.

Pakistani makeup and henna artist Sahur Saleim was inspired by the #ClownContour trend and decided to present her own interpretation.

Which is absolutely gorgeous and flawless.

Unlike clown contouring, which uses different colours for different effects, this works on the same principles as contouring and highlighting except the process is prettier.


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