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17 Reasons Your BFF's Birthday Is So Damn Important

BFF's birthday > Pay day.

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1. Because if they weren't born, who would entertain you when things got boring?

2. Who would never ever grow up with you?

3. Who would make you question your sanity?

4. Who would have the patience to not hit you when you annoy them?

5. Who would ruin your perfect selfie?

6. Who would you smother with all the love?

7. Who would motivate you to go workout?

8. Who would immediately make you cheat on your diet?

9. Who else would be okay with having their hand crushed while watching a scary movie with you?

10. Who would stop you from running wild when you went shopping?

11. Who would help you decode each and every text message?

12. Who would stop you from doing something stupid?

13. Who would you always be yourself with?

14. Who would forcefully drag you out of the house for coffee dates?

15. Who would always be there for you on the most important days of your life?

16. Who else would take cheesy pictures with you and let you caption them with #BetterHalf?

17. And who else would be equally thankful for your birthday???

So here's to you, BFF. Live long and prosper. Happy birthday!

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