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15 Ways To Not Be A Terrible Person

An illustrated guide.

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Hello. If you live in India, you've UNDOUBTEDLY come across Airtel's 4G ad campaign and the SATAN DEVIL CHUDAIL WOMAN at the heart of them.

Airtel India

While she's annoyed the life out of us all, we figured we should use this as a learning opportunity. Here's how NOT to be a steaming turd of a human life.

(P.S. The actress herself, Sasha Chettri, is awesome and talented and wonderful. If anything, she's the greatest victim of Airtel's 4G campaign, and its only saving grace.)

1. Don't enter a contest with a clear advantage and then be a dick about it.

Airtel India

I'm not even going to talk about what kind of contest this is and just assume that kids today have underground competitions to see whose mobile internet is better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


13. For gods sake, don't get on stage at a concert and play shitty ass music on your shitty ass phone speakers, damnit.

14. A nice thing to do is take a group picture when asked. It's not nice to start asking them what they do with their phones on their own time in front of their whole family.

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