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Lisa Haydon Says She's Not A Feminist Because She Wants To Be A Mom And I'm So F*cking Confused

Lisa, hey, don't.

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In a recent, and now viral, interview with The Times Of India, Bollywood actress Lisa Haydon spoke about her views on feminism.

Lisa Haydon/ BuzzFeed India

And people were not pleased.

Especially since Haydon's claim to mass popularity was a heavily feminist movie called Queen starring Kangana Ranaut.

Haydon has finally responded to the interview and it looks like she's sticking to her guns.

Lisa Haydon / Via

All the hoopla being made about my "feminist" comment drives my point home. Instead of making so much noise, we should walk the talk! The best way to change the world is to start with ourselves. Live a life that paves the way for others who lack the same opportunities. I certainly strive to! My life speaks for itself. But, in our quest for feminism, let's stay feminine! As a working woman, who takes pride in ambition and achievement, It's important not forget that we are women made for the greatest role ever - bringing life into this world. And that is something to be proud of! Our true power lies in a gift we've been given that men will never have. Our bodies create life. If feminists have a problem with this. Feminism is not their real issue... Nature is!

Lisa, please.

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